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Sir Nigel Shadbolt
Chairman and Co-Founder, ODI

About the speaker: Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt is Chairman and Co-Founder of the Open Data Institute. He is also Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Head of the Web and Internet Science Group, Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. With over 400 publications he has researched on topics ranging from cognitive psychology to computational neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence to the Semantic Web. He was one of the originators of the interdisciplinary field of Web Science and is a Director of the Web Science Trust which seeks to advance our understanding of the Web and promote the Web’s positive impact on society.

Mandy Chessell
Distinguished Engineer, IBM

About the speaker: Mandy Chessell CBE FREng CEng FBCS is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Mandy is a trusted advisor to executives from large organisations, working with them to develop their strategy and architecture relating to the governance, integration and management of information. She is also driving IBM's strategic move to open metadata and governance through participation in the Egeria open source project (https://odpi.github.io/egeria/).

Markus Lanthaler
Creator of JSON-LD and Hydra. Software Engineer, Google
Paraskevi Zerva
Vice President, JPMorgan Chase & Co
Mohammad Khodadadi
Director of data & AI Cognition, Babylon Health
Katariina Kari
Research Engineer, Zalando Tech-Hub

About the speaker: Katariina Kari (née Nyberg) is a research engineer at the Zalando Tech-Hub in Helsinki. Katariina holds a Master in Science and Master in Music and is specialised in semantic web and guiding the art business to the digital age. At Zalando she is modelling the Fashion Knowledge Graph, a common vocabulary for fashion with which Zalando improves is customer experience. Katariina also consults art institutions to embrace the digital age in their business and see its opportunities.

Augustine Kwanashie
Software Engineer, BBC
Aaron Bradley
Knowledge Graph Strategist, Electronic Arts

schema.org, Linked Data's Gateway Drug

The talk will detail the trajectory schema.org has taken, starting with a history that is less a retrospective than a narrative. I'll follow this narrative to the fortunately-timed emergence of JSON-LD, providing as it does a flexible, standards-based serialization of the vocabulary. This, I'll explain, helped fuel the popularity of schema.org, which in turn has caused a demand for more schemas, growing the vocabulary and its capabilities. I'll - maybe even conversationally :) - make the case that schema.org has started to resemble exactly what everyone involved in the initiative declared it shouldn't be: an ontology of everything. Whether or not that be the case, I'll say, the utility of having a relatively simple, well thought-out, well-understood and very broad vocabulary available has made schema.org (along with JSON-LD) a go-to tool for linked data modelers. Finally, and with a look at the many ways Google, in particular, has made use of schema.org, I'll explore to what extent its utility extends past being a convenient starting for point for back-of-the napkin knowledge graph development, or whether it's making a significant contribution to realizing the promise of a web of data.

Dimitris Kontokostas
Senior Data & Knowledge Engineer, GeoPhy

RDF Data Quality Assessment - connecting the pieces

RDF and graph databases are steadily increasing their adoption and are no longer choices of niche-only communities. For almost 20 years, a constraint language for RDF was a big missing piece in the technology stack and a prohibiting factor for further adoption. Even though most RDF-based systems were performing data validation and quality assessment, there was no standardized way to define constraints. People were using ad-hoc solutions or schemas and languages that were not meant for validation. Thankfully, since 2017 there are 2 additions to the RDF technology stack: SHACL & ShEx. Both provide a high level RDF constraint language that people can use to define data constraints (a.k.a. Shapes), each with different strengths. This talk will provide an outline of different types of RDF data quality issues and existing approaches to quality assessment. The goal is to give an overview of the existing RDF validation landscape and hopefully, inspire people on how to improve their RDF publishing workflows.

About the speaker: Dimitris Kontokostas is a senior data & knowledge engineer at GeoPhy where he designs and implements solutions on data quality & large-scale knowledge graphs. Dimitris has a PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from Leipzig University (AKSW/KILT Group) on "Large-scale knowledge extraction, publishing and quality assessment" where he graduated with magna cum laude. He served as the head of technical developments of DBpedia for three years, is the creator of RDFUnit, a unit testing framework for RDF with high industry uptake, heavily involved with data quality standardization activities (i.e. SHACL, ShEx) and a co-author of the “Validating RDF data" book.

Panos Alexopoulos
Head of Ontology, Textkernel BV

About the speaker: Panos Alexopoulos has been working at the intersection of data, semantics, language and software for years, and is leading a team at Textkernel developing a large cross-lingual Knowledge Graph for HR and Recruitment. Alexopoulos holds a PhD in Knowledge Engineering and Management from National Technical University of Athens, and has published 60 papers at international conferences, journals and books.

Thorsten Liebig
Managing Director & Co-Founder, Derivo

About the speaker: As part of his responsibilities at derivo, Thorsten helps companies and organizations to use the knowledge in their data by means of semantic technologies. This covers property resp. knowledge graph modelling and establishing industry-ready software solutions including reasoning about – as well as exploring and utilizing – large knowledge graphs. When not dealing with knowledge graphs, he enjoys Italian coffee and cycling.

Geoffrey Horrell
Director of Innovation, Thomson Reuters Knowledge Graph
Todd Blaschka
COO, TigerGraph

Unlocking Business Value in Enterprise Knowledge Graphs with Thomson Reuters & TigerGraph

About the speaker: Todd Blaschka is the Chief Operating Officer at TigerGraph responsible for driving growth initiatives and scaling business operations. He is a technology industry veteran with nearly 20 years of sales leadership experience and a strong background in strategy and products. Prior to TigerGraph, Blaschka was vice president of worldwide sales at Clustrix, Inc. Additionally, he served as vice president of sales at Dataguise and has held various sales and marketing leadership positions at IBM, Electric Cloud and Sendmail, Inc., which was acquired by Proofpoint, Inc. in 2013.

Victor Lee
Director of Product Management, TigerGraph

Unlocking Business Value in Enterprise Knowledge Graphs with Thomson Reuters & TigerGraph

About the speaker: Dr. Victor Lee is Director of Product Management at TigerGraph, bringing together a strong academic background, decades of industry experience, and a strong commitment to quality and serving customer needs. Victor was a circuit designer and technology transfer manager at Rambus, before returning to school for his computer science PhD, focusing on graph data mining. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and PhD in Computer Science from Kent State University. He was a visiting professor at John Carroll University before joining TigerGraph.

Dan Williams
Product Manager, Cambridge Intelligence

Graphs in space: a guide to visualizing geospatial networks

Many of today's geospatial graph projects deal with distance queries or path-finding problems. 'What’s my fastest route to the airport?’ or 'where’s the nearest 5* restaurant?’ Graphs are the fastest way to answer these questions, yet they are definitely not the only problems geospatial graphs can solve. This talk looks at the rich geospatial insight in your graph data, and how a well-designed graph visualization can make it easier to find.

About the speaker: Dan Williams works closely with KeyLines customers who are building advanced graph applications, helping them to make the best possible graph visualization tools. He has a Master’s in Physics from Oxford University and a wealth of experience with a variety of software products across many different industry verticals.

Jean Villedieu
Head of Sales and Co-Founder, Linkurious

About the speaker: Jean is head of sales and co-founder of Linkurious. He has been working with numerous Fortune 500 companies to help them find insights in complex connected data (fraud, cyber-security, intelligence, etc). Previously he worked in the consulting industry on R&D projects and in sales. Jean has an MSc. from the Lyon Institute of Political Studies and from the Ecole de Guerre Économique.

Robert David
CTO, Semantic Web Company

About the speaker: Robert David is CTO of the Semantic Web Company. He is the Lead Developer of PoolParty Semantic Suite and head of the development team. Robert holds a degree in software engineering and has extensive professional experience in web technologies.

Dominik Tomicevic
CEO & Co-Founder, Memgraph

About the speaker: Dominik received his bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Zagreb. In 2011, he was selected as one of the 4 people in the world, to receive the Microsoft Imagine Cup Grant, awarded by Bill Gates, for developing game-changing technologies in data processing. In 2016, he founded Memgraph, a venture-backed graph database company focusing on high-performance real-time connected data processing. Memgraph is a TechStars company, backed by some of the top technology investors and entrepreneurs in the UK and the US. In 2017, Dominik was named by Forbes as one of the top 10 CEOs in the UK to watch for in 2017.

Eugene Morozov
Engineering Practice Head, Lab49 London

About the speaker: Eugene is an Engineering Practice Lead at Lab49, a strategy, design and technology consulting company specialising in capital markets. He is interested in the use of Semantic Web standards for data and service modelling to help financial service firms meet their regulatory obligations. Eugene runs Semantic Web London meetup.

David Mack
Neural Networks and Graph AI Researcher, Octavian
Rainer Pichler
Software Architect, CELUM

About the speaker: Rainer is a Software Architect working on CELUM’s Graph Driven and Reactive Platform. Specifically, he enables CELUM’s applications to optimally utilize graph data structures. Besides software engineering, he graduated in business sciences and is interested in innovation, entrepreneurship as well as knowledge sharing.

James Phare
Event Director, Connected Data London

About the speaker: James is Event Director of Connected Data London founding the event in 2016. He has worked on Big, Small and Connected Data projects in many industries including Financial Services, Real Estate, Government, Renewable Energy and the NGO sector amongst others. James is a passionate enthusiast for all Connected Data technologies actively working with Graph Databases, Linked Data, NLP and other technologies. Following time at Thomson Reuters and Man Group plc James co-founded Data to Value and Neural Alpha – a specialist solution provider of Connected Data services in the Sustainable Investment industry. James holds a BA in Economics & Economic History from the University of York.

George Anadiotis
Principal consultant, Linked Data Orchestration / Contributor, ZDNet

About the speaker: George's got tech, data, and media, and he's not afraid to use them. Coming from an IT background, he's had the chance to learn to play many instruments on the way to becoming a one man band and an orchestrator: Being a Gigaom analyst, serving Fortune 500, startups and NGOs as a consultant, building and managing projects, products and teams of all sizes and shapes. George has been working with graph databases since 2005. This includes award-winning R&D, startups, enterprise deployments, and consulting the (then) top Graph Database vendor on distributed queries in 2008.



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