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This section details news about the Connected Data London meetup group which meets usually every couple of months – this is the premier meetup group for Connected Data enthusiasts. The event features a wide array of topics, presentations, panel discussions, networking opportunities and speakers from a variety of industries including Aerospace, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Academia, Media and Financial Services to name a few.

The conference attracts both highly experienced connected data practitioners as well as many new to the space with one thing in common. They are passionate about how data is inherently connected and how these connections can be leveraged using the latest techniques and technologies to create new approaches to data management, new data analysis techniques, new business models and benefit society.

Whether Data Modelling, Data Science, Data Governance, Data Analysis, Data Quality, Data Integration or another data discipline is your thing you’ll find plenty of interested content at the Connected Data conference.

Typical content covered includes Linked Data and Semantic Web topics such as RDF, Triplestores, Quadstores, SPARQL, Ontologies and Inferencing. In the graph database space historically we have had great speakers on topics such as recommendations, Knowledge Management, investigations, social networking and other applications. The conference also typically garners much interest from Artificial Intelligence (AI) practitioners that are leveraging schemas to add conceptual content to requirements including such as a classification.

Meetup #9 July 2017 – Linked Data at the BBC

BBC Linked Data landscape engineering

A big thank you to Augustine Kwanashie for talking at our July Connected Data meetup on his experiences of working on the BBC’s Linked Data Platform. Valtech kindly agreed to host the event at their London offices and we had a range of attendees from newbies to expert linked data, semantic & graph practitioners.   […]

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From Graphs to a Knowledge Base

Haikal Pribadi Grakn AI 2

Big thanks to Haikal and the team at for an energetic overview of Knowledge Graphs and Graph database technology in general at our meetup on 26th April. The visualisation and inferencing components were especially well received and it was great to see so much audience participation! Stay tuned for the next meetup in the series.   […]

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Meetup – Linked Data for Banks : a novel approach to an age old problem

Tony Seale spoke at our first meetup of 2017 speaking about applications of Linked Data technologies within the Banking industry. Tony has a great deal of practical experience working with RDF, triplestores and related technologies. He gave a great practical introduction into some of the challenges of the benefits of upskilling development teams and adopting standards. This […]

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Meetup – A Practical Guide to Querying and Visualising (in any language!)


Navino Evans of Histropedia and Wikidata presented at our November Connected Data Meetup about his personal journey into Linked Data, RDF and SPARQL and applications for these within the educational sector.   The talk covered a broad range of topics including:   Wikidata adoption & project objectives Data types & standards used in Wikidata Data export methods […]

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MeetUp – Semantics in the Financial Industry: The Financial Industry Business Ontology

CDL meetup

Thank you everyone for joining us at our MeetUp yesterday!   We had another great talk from Mike Bennett of the EDM Council talking about the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO). FIBO is a business conceptual ontology developed by the members of the EDM Council.  FIBO provides a description of the structure and contractual obligations of financial instruments, […]

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MeetUp – what connects graphs and linked data?

Connected Data meetup

Another successful MeetUp completed! We wanted to thank everyone for attending. Great talks from Nigel Higgs and Jesús Barrasa. Nigel quickly explained that this MeetUp aims to bring together Graph database and Linked data professionals to spark new ideas and conversations. Jesús presented his work on how Explicit Semantics can be used in Graph Databases using […]

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Connected Data London 2016

Connected Data London 2016 printed media

  We wanted to thank everyone for joining us at the Connected Data London 2016. We had over 70 Connected Data Practitioners on the day leading to some thought provoking conversations around shared challenges and solutions. It was great to see people sharing so many practical experiences around working with the different standards, technologies and use cases. […]

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Ontotext – our new Connected Data London sponsor!

Ontotext logo for Connected Data

We are happy to announce our new sponsor, Semantic technology developer – Ontotext. Ontotext provides a complete set of semantic technologies enabling better content management, knowledge discovery and semantic search. The semantic approach enables your organization’s IT infrastructure to “know” and “remember” what your content is about. Ontotext’s Director Borislav Popov will present how powerful information […]

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First Connected Data London MeetUp

Meetup Connected Data speeches

Our first Connected Data London MeetUp was a success! We wanted to thank everyone for attending. Great talks from Szymon Klarman and James Phare about Linked and Graph Data. Szymon presented concepts about linked data patterns and observations that might lead to some promising answers about what makes a linked data pattern interesting. James explained how […]

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