SHACL-based data life cycle management

PoolParty Semantic Suite is Semantic Web Company’s platform for enterprise information integration based on Linked Data principles. PoolParty consists of several components that process and manage RDF based data sets. These components have consistency requirements towards the data they work on. Also, users have requirements towards the quality of the data they manage. We want […]

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Analytics on Big Knowledge Graphs deliver entity awareness and help data linking

To make adequate decisions, businesses have to combine their databases – their own view of the world – with non-proprietary data. However, combining diverse data from multiple sources is a complex task. Matching concepts and entities across disparate data sources and recognizing their mentions in texts requires disambiguation of their meaning – something that comes […]

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RDF Data Quality Assessment – connecting the pieces

RDF and graph databases are steadily increasing their adoption and are no longer choices of niche-only communities. For almost 20 years, a constraint language for RDF was a big missing piece in the technology stack and a prohibiting factor for further adoption. Even though most RDF-based systems were performing data validation and quality assessment, there […]

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The talk will detail the trajectory has taken, starting with a history that is less a retrospective than a narrative. I’ll follow this narrative to the fortunately-timed emergence of JSON-LD, providing as it does a flexible, standards-based serialization of the vocabulary. This, I’ll explain, helped fuel the popularity of, which in turn has […]

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Rebooting Connected Data in London

Tired of the AI-washing and buzzword dropping? Interested in finding the connections in your data and performing advanced analytics and reasoning? Then Connected Data may be just what you need. Now all you need is to figure out what it is. This is what i wrote last year, and these are words i still stand […]

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