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2017 conference themes

November 16th will feature presentations from industry and research leaders across 4 Connected Data themes. 

These are designed to encourage cross fertilisation across AI, Graph, Linked Data and Semantic communities and foster adoption of these technologies.

AI needs Connected Data & Connected Data needs AI

Historically AI, Linked Data and Semantic Technologists have been relatively separate communities. Increasingly dependencies between these areas are being recognised and challenging new research & commercial applications developed.

Will the vision of a truly semantic web only be realised using the power of AI? Perhaps the Semantic Web will prove the critical building block for true contextually aware AI applications? These points and many more around Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and other disciplines will be debated.

Getting started with Connected Data

Connected Data is a relatively emerging area, certainly when compared to traditional technologies & approaches. Whilst you may be convinced of the power and opportunity knowing where to start & convincing your sponsors and other stakeholders to support you can be tough.

This theme is designed to tackle exactly the above and provide practical advice on proven tools, techniques and standards that you can adopt in your own organisation.

Schema centric vs Schemaless

When should I reuse existing standards & ontologies?  Should I use a schemaless property graph, triplestore, quadstore or other technology? Should I do my modelling upfront or prototype and iterate my data model?

These are some of the key questions often phased by those working or considering Connected Data applications.  Connected Data London is the only global conference that truly brings together these communities to discuss where, how and when to use these approaches & technologies.

Linked Open Data - where now & where next?

Open Data is now firmly part of the global Data Landscape. However Linked Open Data is still a relatively small proportion of the overall data landscape. This theme focuses on the opportunities and barriers affecting adoption.

Whether you are a publisher or consumer of Open Data this theme touches on key issues and opportunities such as standards development, open source technologies, privacy & commercial considerations.

Designed for all levels of maturity & understanding

Whether you’re an industry leader or just starting out you’ll find a rich array of topics including: 

  • Knowledge Representation
  • AI, Semantic Technology & Inferencing
  • Property Graphs
  • Scalability & performance
  • Ontology & Data Model development
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Graph Query Languages
  • Integration approaches & APIs
  • Master Data Management
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Metadata & Data Quality Management
  • Annotation & extraction
  • Network Analysis & Visualisation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Semantic & Graph Search

2 Content Tracks

There will be two content tracks at this year’s conference to give delegates a chance to attend in depth talks and shorter educational & product focused talks.

Conference track

The main conference track will be hosted in the famous Turing Lecture theatre and features the main presentations by industry and academic thought leaders and practitioners throughout the day.

The theatre has capacity for up to 175 Connected Data Practitioners so expect great presentations followed by lively debates!

Educational & Product awareness track

In the Maxwell Room where refreshments are served throughout the day there will be 20 minute educational and product awareness lightening talks. 

These are designed to give you a swift introduction to a technology, standard, research thesis or other topic. 

“Connected Data London 2016 was a great opportunity for me to share and learn excellent strategies to extract knowledge from my data via linked data.”

David Meza – Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA

“The day was really useful. If they ran this 4 times a year, I’d come 4 times a year”

Peet Denny – CTO at Wealth Wizards

"CDL 2016 was packed with talks from knowledgable speakers of diverse backgrounds and insights which were thought provoking and practical. Highly recommended!"

Paul Rissen, Product Manager at Springer