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Connected Data London conference

A great event joined by 70+ senior data practitioners, a conference full of thought provoking conversations around shared challenges and solutions.

Using connected data to fight Financial Crime, James Phare, Managing director, Data to Value

Using RDF and graph technologies at NASA, David Meza, Head of Knowledge Management, NASA

Auto-discovery and the long tail of linked & open data, Christopher Gutteridge, Linked Open Data Architect, University of Southampton

How Go and Neo4j enabled the FT to Deliver at Speed, Dan Murphy, Semantic metadata and DevOps developer, Financial Times

Knowledge Assembly at Scale with Semantic and Probabilistic Techniques, Szymon Klarman, Research Fellow, Brunel University

Powerful Information Discovery Made Possible with Big Knowledge Graphs – The Offshore Leaks Case, Borislav Popov, Business Development Director, Ontotext

Adding explicit semantics to graph databases, Dr. Jesús Barrasa, Senior field engineer, Neo4j

Do’s and Don’ts of Connected Data Visualisations, Jean Villedieu, Linkurious

Success stories with connected data,Timea Turdean, Technical Consultant, PoolParty – Semantic Web Company

Connecting life sciences data at the European Bioinformatics Institute, Tony Burdett, Senior Software Engineer, The European Bioinformatics Institute

 Ten Years of Linked Data at the BBC: Implementing a user-focused semantic architecture, Paul Rissen, Senior Data Architect, BBC