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Data to Value is a London based consultancy that provides advice, services and practical assistance to organisations across all sectors wishing to maximise the value of their data assets – both Big Data and Small.

Neo4j is the leading graph database for storing and analysing highly interconnected data at scale. Neo4j is a core component that is used  to implement next generation, graph-powered data strategies.

Ontotext provides a complete set of semantic technologies enabling better content management, knowledge discovery and semantic search. The semantic approach enables your organization’s IT infrastructure to “know” and “remember” what your content is about.

Semantic Web Company’s PoolParty suite is a leader in the management and optimisation of Business Semantics. The platform features the latest text mining, tagging, extraction, Linked Data and Semantic web capabilities.

Linkurious is a leader in graph and network visualisation tools, operating over the top of leading graph databases such as Neo4j. The platform enables users to explore the connections in data using an intuitive and powerful web interface.

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Our event partners

LII 2016 conference is independent and inclusive. It is very much about community – about information professionals from publishing, scholarly, research sectors coming together to learn from one another and share insights. 

Sportography – is the media and photography partner of Connected Data London. A son and father duo- Alex and David Irwin- who specialise in water sports, action shots and great conferences!

Connected Data London MeetUp group is a monthly gathering of Data practitioners. The aim of the group is to discuss new findings challenges and novel solutions to historically difficult tasks by using connected data methods.