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Great speakers from the AI, Graph, Semantic and Linked Data space

David Meza

David Meza currently serves as the Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). During his tenure at NASA, he has worked in all aspects of the Information Technology field developing and deploying several IT systems in use at JSC. Learn more

Dan Murphy

Dan is the senior semantic metadata and DevOps developer at the Financial Times. There he helps to create valuable APIs and to suite solutions for internal and external customers. Dan has over 20 years experience working in the IT industry. During this time he has led and delivered many projects using his skills in solution design and software development. Learn more

Paul Rissen

Paul Rissen is the Senior Data Architect for BBC News, and the Product Manager for the Research and Education Space (, he’s been involved in the use of structured and Linked Data at the BBC for almost ten years. This includes work on the early versions of iPlayer, involvement in the BBC’s major Linked Data projects such as the /programmes platform, through to being responsible for the use of linked data within BBC News. He pioneered the “storyline” architecture which creates structured data from traditional narratives, allowing audiences and machines alike to explore networks of narrative using RESTful Web architecture. Learn more

Christopher Gutteridge

Christopher is an Open Data Architect at the Univeristy of Southhampton. Chris is the founder of  site for academia providing a single point of contact for linked open data development. Chris designed, built and maintain which is setting the pace for open data from organsations. He is the author of many little bits of software including Graphite (a PHP Library for working with RDF, inspired by jQuery), Grinder (a cheap and cheerful tool for making RDF from spreadsheets or other tabular data). Learn more

Tony Burdett

Tony is a Senior Software Engineer at The European Bioinformatics Institute. His programming experience and expertise, coupled with my biomedical background, places him in the relatively unique position of being able to converse in detail with both developers and biologists. Tony is able to marry his understanding of complex biological problems and knowledge of the very latest software development techniques to produce accomplished products and services of high value to the life sciences community. Learn more

Szymon Klarman

Szymon is a research fellow at the Brunel University London, working in artificial intelligence and knowledge representation & reasoning, with a particular focus on semantic technologies and computational logic. Currently he is involved in the DARPA-funded Big Mechanism program, which aims to develop novel knowledge extraction and assembly technology to enable automatic construction of large mechanistic models from scientific literature. Learn more

Dr. Jesús Barrasa

Jesus Barrasa is a senior field engineer at Neo4j. Jesús Specialises in Data Modelling, Integration, Mining and Manipulation. He has successfully created graph based semantic integrations mainly for Telecommunications companies, enabling effective solutions to business use cases like Root Cause Analysis, Dependency Modelling, Impact Analysis, Data Migration or Revenue Assurance. Over the last fifteen years Jesús has conceived and implemented software solutions, managed groups of people, done research & taught at University. Learn more

Borislav Popov

Borislav is a Director of Business Development in the UK for Ontotext. He specializes in text analysis, semantic annotation and search, and multi-modal search paradigms. A series of natural developments matured also into his leadership of the Semantic Annotation and Search Division, responsible for Ontotext’s Semantic Platform. Borislav’s team has developed solutions trusted by BBC, Publicis and through them the US Government, the British Web Government Archive, the Press Association, the Association of Dutch Newspapers (NDP), and others.  Learn more

Timea Turdean

Timea is a technical consultant at the PoolParty – Semantic Web Company.  Timea is involved in developing client proof of concept applications based on PoolParty products and Linked Data technologies. She also deals with requirement elicitation in the Big Data Europe project and RDF modeling on multilingual dictionaries. Learn more

Jean Villedieu

Jean is a co-founder of Linkurious SAS, a French start-up specialized in graph database visualization. Jean has a deep understanding of  graph database technology, Jean helps companies to use graph databases as a foundation for exciting social applications, recommendation engines, fraud detection systems, network & data center management solutions and much more. He believes that graph databases are the best way to work with highly connected data. Learn more

James Phare

James specialises in practically helping organisations get the most from their data assets through adopting the latest cutting edge tools and techniques. He is a hands on thought leader and practitioner with broad experience of technical and non technical aspects of Data Science, Strategy, Architecture and Data Quality Management.  Learn more

Nigel Higgs

Nigel is an accomplished senior data professional, hands-on leader and influencer with extensive experience of managing the introduction of strategic change in multi-national businesses. 

He specialises in providing experience-based advice and practical support in information management and data architecture. Learn more