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Data Model vs Ontology Development – a FIBO perspective


About the talk   In this lightning talk Mike Bennett will draw upon the experience of creating the Financial industry Business Ontology (FIBO), to set out how ontologies and data models compare, what it takes to create a business ontology as a common language, and how this is realized in practical applications that use inferencing […]

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Meetup – Linked Data for Banks : a novel approach to an age old problem

Tony Seale spoke at our first meetup of 2017 speaking about applications of Linked Data technologies within the Banking industry. Tony has a great deal of practical experience working with RDF, triplestores and related technologies. He gave a great practical introduction into some of the challenges of the benefits of upskilling development teams and adopting standards. This […]

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MeetUp – Semantics in the Financial Industry: The Financial Industry Business Ontology

CDL meetup

Thank you everyone for joining us at our MeetUp yesterday!   We had another great talk from Mike Bennett of the EDM Council talking about the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO). FIBO is a business conceptual ontology developed by the members of the EDM Council.  FIBO provides a description of the structure and contractual obligations of financial instruments, […]

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