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graph data

Techniques for effective graph visualisation

About the talk As organisations rely more and more on graph insight, the volume of data being collected and analysed has exploded. The result: overloaded charts and overwhelmed analysts. In this session, Dan will share some of the ways you can eliminate clutter in your graph visualisations. He’ll explain each of the techniques available, and how they […]

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What is Connected Data?

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What is Connected Data as a concept?  Who is interested in Connected Data? What problems does Connected Data solve? What skills are used in Connected Data?   Connected Data as of July 2017 has been running for over a year with very successful conference and 9 meetups held to date on a range of topics. […]

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Importing RDF data into Neo4j

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This fantastic blog was originally posted by one of our speakers Dr. Jesús Barrasa. The previous blog post might have been a bit too dense to start with, so I’ll try something a bit lighter this time like importing RDF data into Neo4j. It asumes, however, a certain degree of familiarity with both RDF and […]

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Which connected data tool(s) should we use when analysing the Panama Papers data?

Ontotext and Neo4j powered panama papers portals

Many organisations have taken a keen interest in the Panama Papers dataset. Whilst for many individuals and companies in the dataset there is no evidence of wrongdoing others have been implicated in tax evasion, fraud and sanctions evasion amongst other crimes. Unsurprisingly many within Financial Services and other sectors are scrambling to assemble project teams to […]

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