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Knowledge Graph

A Knowledge Graph-Based Semantic Database for Biomedical Sciences

About the talk The proliferation of biological research data generated and shared openly online is of huge benefit to the scientific community, but there are often significant challenges to overcome before it can be integrated from different sources and re-used to gain new knowledge. This paper introduces BioGrakn, which is a graph-based deductive database, combining […]

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Connected Data for Machine Learning


About the talk Knowledge graphs and connected data standards have transformed how data is managed made available in many organizations. Likewise, machine learning is at the core of many novel applications. In this talk, Paul looks at applications of these fundamental computational layers within Elsevier. He will focus on how they buttress each other but […]

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Building NextGen Enterprise data platforms – breaking silos, standardizing models & availability at scale

thomson reuters

About the talk In this talk Graham Cousins & Edin Zajmovic of Thomson Reuters will talk about the organisation’s experience of building the first Financial Services Knowledge Graph and Enterprise Linked Data Platform. Big, Open, Linked Data (BOLD) is a first of its kind pioneering initiative within Financial Services which is integrating disparate structured and […]

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How to Build a Corporate Knowledge Graph – from the bottom up

Tony Seale

About the talk All knowledge-intensive industries are about to undergo huge changes as AI automates many low-skilled tasks. To remain competitive most large companies are ready to embrace this fact, but there is a problem:  AI needs clean and connected data to produce good results. The task of linking and consolidating all the data within a company seems impossibly […]

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Getting Connected Data off the ground in your organisation


Starting to leverage Connected Data tools, techniques and capabilities in your organisation can seem daunting, yet every leader has had to start somewhere. In this panel discussion leaders and newcomers to the connected data space share some practical tips in getting initiatives off the ground and common pitfalls to avoid. Whether its a Enterprise Knowledge […]

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What is Connected Data?

CDL london logo

What is Connected Data as a concept?  Who is interested in Connected Data? What problems does Connected Data solve? What skills are used in Connected Data?   Connected Data as of July 2017 has been running for over a year with very successful conference and 9 meetups held to date on a range of topics. […]

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Meetup #9 July 2017 – Linked Data at the BBC

BBC Linked Data landscape engineering

A big thank you to Augustine Kwanashie for talking at our July Connected Data meetup on his experiences of working on the BBC’s Linked Data Platform. Valtech kindly agreed to host the event at their London offices and we had a range of attendees from newbies to expert linked data, semantic & graph practitioners.   […]

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The Connected Data Landscape

Connected Data landscape 2017 v1.0 April2017

We are often asked what Connected Data is as a discipline or concept. It’s a difficult question to answer, partly because in our mind it is a broad church featuring a range of technologies and skillsets but also because it’s an emerging area whose scope, best practices and skillsets is constantly undergoing refinement inline with […]

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MeetUp – Semantics in the Financial Industry: The Financial Industry Business Ontology

CDL meetup

Thank you everyone for joining us at our MeetUp yesterday!   We had another great talk from Mike Bennett of the EDM Council talking about the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO). FIBO is a business conceptual ontology developed by the members of the EDM Council.  FIBO provides a description of the structure and contractual obligations of financial instruments, […]

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