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Linked Open Data

Thomson Reuters – sponsor profile

thomson reuters

Thomson Reuters are sponsoring Connected Data London 2017 as part of their adoption of Connected Data technologies for the next generation of Financial Services data and software products. Through their Big Open Linked Data (BOLD) offering Thomson Reuters are leading the way in terms of adoption of Connected Data approaches within the financial services. Increasingly […]

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Transforming access to culture & history with Connected Data

About the talk Cultural Heritage (CH) is, from a computational perspective, a messy domain, with data sources ranging from art galleries to medical libraries to newspaper publishers and a user base that includes graphic designers and academic researchers alongside performing artists and amateur genealogists. For Europeana, one of the world’s largest aggregators of digital Cultural […]

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Data Quality and Data Usage in a large-scale Multilingual Knowledge Graph


About the talk Data Quality is defined as fitness for use. The principal challenge in improving data quality is that it can not be measured directly (otherwise it would be quantity) and thus progress tracking is a hard problem. In the last 5 years DBpedia and its community has made excellent progress in this area, […]

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Linked Open Data: Is it failing or just getting out of the blocks?

Linked Open Data Cloud

In this panel discussion we bring together leaders in the Open Data and Linked Open Data (LOD) spaces to debate whether the current approaches to publishing Linked Open Data are working, what the major challenges are for adoption and what the future looks like.   Whilst the Linked Open Data cloud continues to grow year […]

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Meetup #9 July 2017 – Linked Data at the BBC

BBC Linked Data landscape engineering

A big thank you to Augustine Kwanashie for talking at our July Connected Data meetup on his experiences of working on the BBC’s Linked Data Platform. Valtech kindly agreed to host the event at their London offices and we had a range of attendees from newbies to expert linked data, semantic & graph practitioners.   […]

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