Building, and communicating, a knowledge graph in Zalando

When we set out to build a knowledge graph at Zalando, most people did not know how to build one, or considered machine learning as the better solution. However, endorsement from upper management led to the current project, where we use ontologies to improve the customer search and browsing experience. There are many unique things […]

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The talk will detail the trajectory has taken, starting with a history that is less a retrospective than a narrative. I’ll follow this narrative to the fortunately-timed emergence of JSON-LD, providing as it does a flexible, standards-based serialization of the vocabulary. This, I’ll explain, helped fuel the popularity of, which in turn has […]

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Building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs in the real world

What does it take to build usable enterprise knowledge graphs? Let’s hear it from the experts As the interest in Enterprise Knowledge Graphs is growing, there is also a growing need for sharing experience and best practices around them. In Connected Data London, we love graphs. That’s easy to tell by looking at our program […]

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The Connected Data Landscape

We are often asked what Connected Data is as a discipline or concept. It’s a difficult question to answer, partly because in our mind it is a broad church featuring a range of technologies and skillsets but also because it’s an emerging area whose scope, best practices and skillsets is constantly undergoing refinement inline with […]

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Meetup – Linked Data for Banks : a novel approach to an age old problem

Tony Seale spoke at our first meetup of 2017 speaking about applications of Linked Data technologies within the Banking industry. Tony has a great deal of practical experience working with RDF, triplestores and related technologies. He gave a great practical introduction into some of the challenges of the benefits of upskilling development teams and adopting standards. This […]

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MeetUp – Semantics in the Financial Industry: The Financial Industry Business Ontology

Thank you everyone for joining us at our MeetUp yesterday!   We had another great talk from Mike Bennett of the EDM Council talking about the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO). FIBO is a business conceptual ontology developed by the members of the EDM Council.  FIBO provides a description of the structure and contractual obligations of financial instruments, […]

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