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Thomson Reuters – sponsor profile

thomson reuters

Thomson Reuters are sponsoring Connected Data London 2017 as part of their adoption of Connected Data technologies for the next generation of Financial Services data and software products. Through their Big Open Linked Data (BOLD) offering Thomson Reuters are leading the way in terms of adoption of Connected Data approaches within the financial services. Increasingly […]

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Connected Data for Machine Learning


About the talk Knowledge graphs and connected data standards have transformed how data is managed made available in many organizations. Likewise, machine learning is at the core of many novel applications. In this talk, Paul looks at applications of these fundamental computational layers within Elsevier. He will focus on how they buttress each other but […]

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Data Quality and Data Usage in a large-scale Multilingual Knowledge Graph


About the talk Data Quality is defined as fitness for use. The principal challenge in improving data quality is that it can not be measured directly (otherwise it would be quantity) and thus progress tracking is a hard problem. In the last 5 years DBpedia and its community has made excellent progress in this area, […]

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Building NextGen Enterprise data platforms – breaking silos, standardizing models & availability at scale

thomson reuters

About the talk In this talk Graham Cousins & Edin Zajmovic of Thomson Reuters will talk about the organisation’s experience of building the first Financial Services Knowledge Graph and Enterprise Linked Data Platform. Big, Open, Linked Data (BOLD) is a first of its kind pioneering initiative within Financial Services which is integrating disparate structured and […]

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Associative Semiotic Hypergraph Database in Intersystems Cache with Python Pandas


About the talk Athanassios will provide an introduction to key concepts in the associative, semiotic, hypergraph approach. In the first half of his talk he will demonstrate the technology using R3DM/S3DM database framework system that is adapted and tuned for Intersystems Cache multi-model DBMS with a command and graphical user interface that is built in […]

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Tackling climate change through agricultural supply chain transparency


About the talk is a powerful new sustainability platform by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) that enables governments, companies, investors and others to better understand and address the environmental and social impacts linked to their supply chains. Its pioneering approach draws on vast sets of production, trade and customs data, for the first time […]

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Data Model vs Ontology Development – a FIBO perspective


About the talk   In this lightning talk Mike Bennett will draw upon the experience of creating the Financial industry Business Ontology (FIBO), to set out how ontologies and data models compare, what it takes to create a business ontology as a common language, and how this is realized in practical applications that use inferencing […]

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RDF vs Property Graph: Is your Graph Semantic?


Is RDF for unstructured data while property graphs are for highly structured data? Will the RDF model discover new knowledge for me? Is RDF AI? Does RDF exclusively live in triple stores? All of these are statements that have been published by analysts and vendors, building a wall of misconceptions between the two worlds that […]

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What is Connected Data?

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What is Connected Data as a concept?  Who is interested in Connected Data? What problems does Connected Data solve? What skills are used in Connected Data?   Connected Data as of July 2017 has been running for over a year with very successful conference and 9 meetups held to date on a range of topics. […]

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