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Schema centric vs Schemaless approaches – when, where & how to use

Panel discussion at Connected Data London 2016

In this panel schemaless approaches such as Label Property Graphs and other ‘NoSQL’ technologies will be contrasted alongside schema centric approaches such as triplestores, quadstores and traditional relational databases. Is it possible to be truly schemaless? Are different technologies suited to different requirements? Do different technologies perhaps suit different levels of data maturity? Can semantics […]

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Getting Connected Data off the ground in your organisation


Starting to leverage Connected Data tools, techniques and capabilities in your organisation can seem daunting, yet every leader has had to start somewhere. In this panel discussion leaders and newcomers to the connected data space share some practical tips in getting initiatives off the ground and common pitfalls to avoid. Whether its a Enterprise Knowledge […]

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Implementing explicit Semantics in a schemaless Graph Database


In this thought provoking and humorous lightening talk Jesus talks about his motivations and challenges in developing a semantic plugin for Neo4j. He also debunks certain myths perpetuated by vendors in this space and tackles common concerns around integration, data quality and implenting first order logic principles.   About the speaker   Jesus Barrasa P.h.D. […]

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Meetup #9 July 2017 – Linked Data at the BBC

BBC Linked Data landscape engineering

A big thank you to Augustine Kwanashie for talking at our July Connected Data meetup on his experiences of working on the BBC’s Linked Data Platform. Valtech kindly agreed to host the event at their London offices and we had a range of attendees from newbies to expert linked data, semantic & graph practitioners.   […]

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The Connected Data Landscape

Connected Data landscape 2017 v1.0 April2017

We are often asked what Connected Data is as a discipline or concept. It’s a difficult question to answer, partly because in our mind it is a broad church featuring a range of technologies and skillsets but also because it’s an emerging area whose scope, best practices and skillsets is constantly undergoing refinement inline with […]

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Meetup – Linked Data for Banks : a novel approach to an age old problem

Tony Seale spoke at our first meetup of 2017 speaking about applications of Linked Data technologies within the Banking industry. Tony has a great deal of practical experience working with RDF, triplestores and related technologies. He gave a great practical introduction into some of the challenges of the benefits of upskilling development teams and adopting standards. This […]

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New speaker announced! Tony Burdett of The European Bioinformatics Institute

Tony Burdett EMBL

We are really excited to announce an additional speaker on 12th July – Tony Burdett of the European Bioinformatics Institute.  Tony will be speaking about the EBI’s experience of using both linked / semantic and graph approaches in biomedical research using huge volumes of data across the unstructured & structured spectrum. The EBI have great […]

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