Connected Data London – the leading conference bringing together the Linked and Graph Data communities


We are happy to announce our brand new conference – Connected Data London 12th of July, Central London. Join us and practitioners from both Linked and Graph Data communities at this great event.

There’s a lot going on in the world of connected data in 2016. From investigative journalism triumphs such as the Panama Papers to important pan-European Linked Open Data intiatives. Technologies using the semantic web and graph-based approaches continue to develop and mature at a rapid pace.

An array of vibrant and diverse communities has emerged across a range of sectors. Academics, innovators and entrepreneurs continue to push the boundaries ever further. The variety of connected data problems practitioners are tackling is truly awe inspiring. Journalism, academia, financial services, life sciences and publishing are a few examples of where linked and graph data techniques are breaking new ground.

Until recently however practical examples, reference cases and connected data war stories were hard to come by. Similarly despite possessing a surprising amount in common these communities have until also remained relatively disconnected. Connected Data London 2016 is the only event that brings together the Semantic Web, Linked Data and Graph Data disciplines under one roof.

Attendees will have a unique opportunity to:

  • See how thought leaders from various sectors including – aerospace, journalism, government, academia and many more are applying connected data technologies in their fields.
  • Network with industry leaders and early adopters on their practical experience of connected data approaches
  • Learn the theory behind the technologies
  • Understand the challenges and best practices of the graph and linked data communities
  • Consider the possibilities for your business or organisation

So whether structured, unstructured, open, closed or graph data is your thing, Connected Data London 2016 is the event for you.

Topics include: 

  • Linked Data integration approaches & technologies such as endpoints and APIs
  • Connected Data visualisation approaches
  • Connected Data Quality & Governance approaches
  • The pros & cons of leading data storage technologies such as triple stores, graph databases and document stores
  • Linked Data Standards including RDF and SKOS
  • The power of open source query languages such as SPARQL and CYPHER