New speaker announced! Tony Burdett of The European Bioinformatics Institute

We are really excited to announce an additional speaker on 12th July – Tony Burdett of the European Bioinformatics Institute.  Tony will be speaking about the EBI’s experience of using both linked / semantic and graph approaches in biomedical research using huge volumes of data across the unstructured & structured spectrum.


The EBI have great experience of the pro’s and con’s of different database technologies such as triplestores and graph databases, standards such as OWL and have also experimented at length with linked data query languages such as SPARQL and graph query languages such as CYPHER. For a teaser take a look at the previous presentation below on their use of Neo4j.

[slideshare id=54514375&doc=ols-neo4j-151029091113-lva1-app6892]