RDF vs Property Graph: Is your Graph Semantic?

Is RDF for unstructured data while property graphs are for highly structured data? Will the RDF model discover new knowledge for me? Is RDF AI? Does RDF exclusively live in triple stores? All of these are statements that have been published by analysts and vendors, building a wall of misconceptions between the two worlds that are not helpful for your new graph project.


In this thought-provoking talk, Jesus will take you on a deep dive into the similarities and differences between the main two approaches to modelling graph data, focusing on debunking some of these ‘alternative facts’ built over the years. He will dissect their underlying models, discuss some typical use cases… and even show some possible integrations.


About the speaker


Jesús is the Director of the Telecoms practice at Neo4j based in London. Previously field engineer at Neo4j, he also combines over 15 years of professional experience in consulting and professional services in the Information management and Finance space. Prior to joining Neo4j, Jesús worked at Ontology Systems for seven years where he got first-hand experience with large graph DB deployments in many successful graph based projects for major Telecommunications companies all over the world.

Jesús holds a PhD in Computing Science from the Politécnica University of Madrid where he carried out his research on graph data modelling and Semantic Technologies.