Transparency initiatives at Connected Data London 2017

We’re pleased to have two major transparency initiatives speaking at Connected Data London 2017 OpenCorporates and Both initiatives are using a mix of technologies and approaches including Graph Databases, NLP and Linked Data in order to bring transparency to corporate ownership structures and climate change actors.


OpenCorporates integrates data from a variety of sources such as national company registers for over 134m companies globally (as of Sept 2017). Their primary goal is to make information on companies more usable and more widely available for the public benefit, particularly to tackle the use of companies for criminal or anti-social purposes, for example corruption, money laundering and organised crime. It is used extensively in sectors including Government, Financial Services, Investigative Journalism and NGOs amongst others. OpenCorporates are using connected data technologies to understand complex issues such as beneficial ownership and control structures in large, complex and often multinational corporate structures.

Chris Taggart, CEO of OpenCorporates will be speaking in the main track about OpenCorporates challenges, learnings and future plans. is a supply chain transparency initiative that seeks to transform our understanding of how companies, governments and other actors involved in the trade of agricultural commodities are linked to impacts and opportunities for more sustainable production – and to place this understanding in the hands of those who can make a difference.

The work of Trase is motivated in particular by the ambition set out in the sustainability pledges of an increasing number of governments, companies and investors to achieve deforestation free supply chains – in many cases by 2020. Building from the zero deforestation agenda the transparency delivered by Trase can help drive a step change in a wide range of environmental and social impacts associated with unsustainable commodity production and trade.

At the core of the Trase initiative is, a new open-access information system and online platform for supply chain transparency. The platform, based on a new approach to mapping agricultural supply chains at scale, offers a powerful and innovative response to the growing and urgent need for credible information on the traceability and sustainability performance of commodity supply chains, covering entire countries and production systems. Trase is a partnership between the Stockholm Environment Institute and Global Canopy Programme.

Javier Godar of the Stockholm Environment Institute will be speaking in the main track about the SEI’s experiences of building this first of a kind platform.



trase earth brings a new level of transparency to commodity supply chains where sustainability and the impact of their distribution on climate change has until now been relatively opaque



OpenCorporates integrates data from national company registries and other sources around the globe to shed light on the true networks that own and control companies