Powering Graph Data with Reasoning and Visual Analytics: Examples from Industry

Due to the fact that almost all business-critical data inherently is more like a graph than a table, many companies have begun to transform their data into property graphs. To furthermore foster linkage as well as meaningful querying or processing they often consider to enrich their graph data by means of a semantic model and RDF/OWL reasoning.

In my talk I will report on industry projects that have successfully deployed applications that implement processes and tools to transform relational data into graph data, semantically enrich graph data as well as use reasoning to better exploit and utilize relevant knowledge within this data.

Next to use cases from different domains I will also describe tools for modeling, reasoning and visually exploring graph data that were used to make this projects happen.

Thorsten Liebig
Managing Director & Co-Founder, Derivo

As part of his responsibilities at derivo, Thorsten helps companies and organizations to use the knowledge in their data by means of semantic technologies. This covers property resp. knowledge graph modelling and establishing industry-ready software solutions including reasoning about – as well as exploring and utilizing – large knowledge graphs. When not dealing with knowledge graphs, he enjoys Italian coffee and cycling.


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