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Get the chance to have intimate interactions and to learn from leaders and innovators such as graph database vendors TigerGraph, Ontotext and Memgraph, Visualization solutions from Cambridge Intelligence and Linkurious, and the PoolParty Semantic Suite. Expect lively and interactive presentations and demos

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Victor Lee | Director of Product Management, TigerGraph

Scaling up business value with real-time operational graph analytics

Talk overview

Graph-based solutions have been in the market for over a decade with deployments in financial services, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. The graph technology of the past limited them to simple queries (1 or 2 hops), modest data sizes, or slow response times, which limited their value.

A new generation of fast, scalable graph databases, led by TigerGraph, is opening up a new world of business insight and performance. Join us, as we explore some new exciting use cases powered by native parallel graph database with storage and computation capability for each node:

  • A large financial services payment provider is using graph-based pattern detection (7 to 11 hop queries) to detect more fraud and money laundering in real time, handling peak volume of 256,000 transactions per second.
  • IceKredit, an innovative FinTech is transforming the near-prime and sub-prime credit market in United States, China and South Asian countries with customer 360 analytics for credit approval and ongoing monitoring.
  • A biotech and pharmaceutical giant is building a prescriber and patient 360 graph and using multi-hop exploratory and analytic queries to understand the most efficient ways of launching a new drug for maximum return.
  • Wish.com is delivering real-time personalized recommendations to increase eCommerce revenue.

About the speaker: Dr. Victor Lee is Director of Product Management at TigerGraph, bringing together a strong academic background, decades of industry experience, and a strong commitment to quality and serving customer needs. Victor was a circuit designer and technology transfer manager at Rambus, before returning to school for his computer science PhD, focusing on graph data mining. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley, MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and PhD in Computer Science from Kent State University. He was a visiting professor at John Carroll University before joining TigerGraph.


11:45 – 12:15 | EDUCATIONAL ROOM

Atanas Kiryakov | Founder and CEO, Ontotext

Analytics on Big Knowledge Graphs deliver entity awareness and help data linking

Talk overview

12:20 – 12:50 | EDUCATIONAL ROOM

Dan Williams | Product Manager, Cambridge Intelligence

Graphs in space: a guide to visualizing geospatial networks

Talk overview

Many of today’s geospatial graph projects deal with distance queries or path-finding problems such as, ‘what’s my fastest route to the airport?’, or, ‘where’s the nearest 5* restaurant?’. Geospatial graphs are good at providing answers fast, but their value doesn’t stop there. They can solve many more complex problems too.

Drawing from Cambridge Intelligence’s rich experience in applied graph visualization, this talk looks at how to exploit the rich geographic insight in your graph data through compelling, interactive visualizations.

The talk deals with questions such as:

  • What types of map are available? Which ones work well with connected data?
  • Should maps be restricted to high level ‘dashboards’? Can they convey complex connected data to any depth?
  • What do those analysts who rely on geofencing, chloropleths and coordinate reference systems expect from their interactive maps? Where does connected data fit in?
  • When combining the busy worlds of big connected data and interactive maps, how do we avoid overwhelming users with unnecessary clutter?

Join us to explore use case studies in areas as diverse as IT network topology management, car insurance fraud, building planning, and law enforcement. We’ll highlight the variety of ways you can exploit connected geospatial views.

About the speaker: Dan Williams works closely with KeyLines customers who are building advanced graph applications, helping them to make the best possible graph visualization tools. He has a Master’s in Physics from Oxford University and a wealth of experience with a variety of software products across many different industry verticals.


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13:50 – 14:20 | EDUCATIONAL ROOM

Jean Villedieu | Head of Sales and Co-Founder, Linkurious

Graph intelligence: the future of data-driven investigations

Talk overview

RDF and graph databases are on the rise. The performances, flexibility, and scalability of these systems are attracting a large number of organizations struggling with complex and connected data. While the graph approach offers several advantages, finding insights into the enormous volume of data remains a challenge.

In this presentation, we will introduce Graph Intelligence, an advanced combination of human and computer-based intelligence to find insights faster in complex connected datasets. We will explain why we believe this approach is the future for teams of investigators fighting financial crime, national security threats or cyber attacks.

From this presentation, you will learn:

  • The nature and benefits of the Graph Intelligence approach
  • How to build a platform leveraging graph technology
  • Real-life examples of money laundering and financial crimes detection and investigation

About the speaker: Jean is head of sales and co-founder of Linkurious. He has been working with numerous Fortune 500 companies to help them find insights in complex connected data (fraud, cyber-security, intelligence, etc). Previously he worked in the consulting industry on R&D projects and in sales. Jean has an MSc. from the Lyon Institute of Political Studies and from the Ecole de Guerre Économique.


14:25 – 14:55 | EDUCATIONAL ROOM

Robert David/Maura Moran

SHACL-based data life cycle management

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PoolParty Semantic Suite is Semantic Web Company’s platform for enterprise information integration based on Linked Data principles. PoolParty consists of several components that process and manage RDF based data sets. These components have consistency requirements towards the data they work on.
Also, users have requirements towards the quality of the data they manage. We want to express constraints for both in a standard way throughout PoolParty components. SKOS-based PoolParty Thesaurus project data requires both consistency and quality.
About the speaker: Robert David is CTO of the Semantic Web Company. He is the Lead Developer of PoolParty Semantic Suite and head of the development team. Robert holds a degree in software engineering and has extensive professional experience in web technologies.

Robert David

CTO, Semantic Web Company

Robert David is CTO of the Semantic Web Company. He is the Lead Developer of PoolParty Semantic Suite and head of the development team. Robert holds a degree in software engineering and has extensive professional experience in web technologies.

Maura Moran

Senior Content Consultant, Mekon Ltd

Maura has over 20 years’ experience helping organizations drive value through improved content strategy, content management systems and tools, and workflow improvements. She has a particularly strong background in commercial publishing, having worked with many of the world’s premier publishing firms including Pearson, Elsevier, and Oxford University Press. Maura understands that changing an organization’s working practices can be a messy business, so she balances finding the right technical solution with a focus on practical implementation, including a solid approach to change management and content governance.

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Dominik Tomicevic | CEO & Co-Founder, Memgraph

Enabling the Next-Generation of Intelligent Applications

Talk overview

Graph databases have demonstrated the ability for organizations, from cutting-edge startups to global enterprises, to extract data intelligence that was next to impossible with traditional DBMS. However, first-generation graph databases fall short when it comes to delivering the real-time performance and scalability required to build modern applications.

Memgraph is on a mission to fulfil the true potential of graph databases and open the doors to a whole new era of applications, by bringing to life a high-performance, horizontally scalable graph platform.

Let us take you through our journey building the world’s fastest and most scalable graph platform, describe new and exciting use-cases we’re working on, and conclude by giving you an insight into the future of real-time graph databases and the role they will play in powering the next generation of business applications.

About the speaker: Dominik received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Zagreb. In 2011, he was selected as one of the 4 people in the world, to receive the Microsoft Imagine Cup Grant, awarded by Bill Gates, for developing game-changing technologies in data processing. In 2016, he founded Memgraph, a venture-backed graph database company focusing on high-performance real-time connected data processing. Memgraph is a TechStars company, backed by some of the top technology investors and entrepreneurs in the UK and the US. In 2017, Dominik was named by Forbes as one of the top 10 CEOs in the UK to watch for in 2017.

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