You know Connected Data London is the go-to event for all things Knowledge Graph, Linked Data & Semantics, AI & Machine Learning, and Graph Databases.

You know you will gain a lot from attending, and you will get to learn from leaders and innovators.

All you need now is to get your manager in the loop too. Here are some resources that can help you get approval to attend.

Build support for your attendance

Download and customize this Request to Attend Template.

Note that the conference offers training courses (separate tickets needed, limited availability). Many organizations have extra budget for training, and are more likely to approve such requests.

Remember – the earlier you book, the best. And if you stack tickets, you benefit by additional discounts.

Also note that we have secured special discounted rates at the Hilton Doubletree Tower of London, where the event takes place. Staying at a top notch hotel, being right where the action is, and getting a discount Рit does not get much better than this!

Share what you learn

During the conference, post about the sessions you attend on your social media channels. You’ll gain new followers, grow your network, and your colleagues will see what you’re learning. The official Twitter conference hashtag is #ConnectedData.

Use conference material and posts, and the conference Trip Report Template to create a report detailing what you learned. Supplement your own materials with slides and videos from all talks, posted during and after the conference. Search for news articles, blog posts, and #ConnectedData tweets for additional reference materials to include.