A Semi-Automatic Tool for Linked Data Integration

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Linked Data is a set of best practices to publish data in RDF format. Despite the advantages of Linked Data (i.e., discoverability, interoperability, reusability, etc.) many datasets are not published in RDF.

Transformation of existing structured datasets into RDF is possible thanks to RDF Mappings. To be able to define such mappings, it is necessary to be familiar with the Linked Data practices and to know perfectly the datasets concerned.

An obstacle to the Linked Data democratization is that few people satisfy these two conditions. Tools making the process of Linked Data integration easier can foster Linked Open Data growth.

Opendatasoft proposes a chatbot-like tool that can semi-automatically generate RDF mappings for existing structured datasets. The challenge is to automate part of the integration process that requires getting familiar with Linked Data practices.

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