Connecting data, decentralizing the web, making it sustainable: can the semantic web do this?

Edges Room

Whether we call it Semantic Web or Linked Data, Tim Berner Lee’s vision never really caught on among users and developers. Although part of this vision is about decentralization, and this is something a few people are working on, Semantic Web technology remains largely underutilized by them. In this panel, we will explore how the Semantic Web and decentralization can benefit each other.

Getting together people from both communities, and exploring questions such as:

Is the Semantic Web technological stack really as complex as it is perceived to be? How can it be made more accessible, and align better with today’s realities in software development?

What are the issues facing people working in decentralization, and how could Semantic Web technology provide solutions?

What about sustainability? How can efforts aiming to provide services to the public at large find a way to sustain themselves, navigating a challenging business landscape?

Edges Track