Brad Rees

Manager | AI Infrastructrue Manager | NVIDIA

Brad Rees is a Manager in the AI Infrastructure group at NVIDIA and lead of the RAPIDS cuGraph team. Brad has been designing, implementing, and supporting a variety of advanced software and hardware systems for over 30 years.

Brad specializes in complex analytic systems, primarily using graph analytic techniques for social and cyber network analysis. His technical interests are in HPC, machine learning, deep learning, and graph. Brad has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology.

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My Sessions

RAPIDS cuGraph – Accelerating all your Graph needs

Edges Room

The relationships between data sets matter.  Discovering, analyzing, and learning those relationships is a central part to expanding our understand, and is a critical step to being able to predict and act upon the data. Unfortunately, these are not always simple or quick tasks. To help the analyst we introduce RAPIDS, a collection of open-source libraries, […]

Edges Track

From Data Science to AI via Graph Analytics

Nodes Room

Until recently, few people had much experience putting graphs to work — not beyond university homework based on Dijkstra’s algorithm or calculating centrality. Imagination filled gaps where direct experience was rare. Today, however, graph applications are becoming more commonplace. They don’t require the enormous scale of social networks. Many interesting graph use cases fit within […]

Nodes Track