George Cushen

Lead Data Scientist, Farfetch

George is a Lead Data Scientist at Farfetch, pursuing his vision of reimagining retail to create a smart and personalized shopping experience. He focuses on the intersection of machine learning and knowledge representation (knowledge graphs) to build novel solutions that can improve the customer search and browsing experience.

Previously, his lifelong fascination with artificial intelligence and fashion led him to become an innovator in research on computer vision for visual clothing search and augmented reality fitting room on mobile devices.

He is actively contributing to open source projects, and methods that he implemented are now used for popular mobile apps. In his spare time, he enjoys giving seminars on the practical applications of data science and machine learning.

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My Sessions

From Data Science to AI via Graph Analytics

Nodes Room

Until recently, few people had much experience putting graphs to work — not beyond university homework based on Dijkstra’s algorithm or calculating centrality. Imagination filled gaps where direct experience was rare. Today, however, graph applications are becoming more commonplace. They don’t require the enormous scale of social networks. Many interesting graph use cases fit within […]

Nodes Track

Knowledge Graphs and AI to Hyper-Personalise the Fashion Retail Experience at Farfetch

Edges Room

What is the key to the holistic success of the fastest growing and most successful companies of our time globally? Well, often the key is the rapid increase in collected and analysed data. Graph databases provide a way to organise semantically by classes, not tables, are web-aware, and are superior for handling deep, complex relationships […]

Edges Track