Giovanni Tummarello

Founder, Chief Product Officer, Siren.io

Giovanni Tummarello, Ph.D is founder and Chief Product Officer at Siren.io. Previously academic team lead at the National University of Ireland Galway, he has over 100 scholarly works on knowledge graphs, semantic technologies and information retrieval as well several startups and active open-source projects started from its research, among which the top-level “any23” Apache project, the Spaziodati.eu and Siren.io companies.

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Augmented Analytics and the Petabyte knowledge graph (in your Enterprise already)

Nodes Room

Graph Databases are amazing, but the “Knowledge Graph” is actually within the data itself, most of which already resides in big enterprise back ends (or no SQL systems) which can store Petabytes of data. Augmented Analytics is a term by which Gartner defines new tools which are capable of leveraging AI (in broad sense) to […]