Jannis Pohlmann

Tech Lead, The Graph

Jannis is the Tech Lead The Graph and is in charge of planning, coordinating and developing the software behind The Graph. Jannis holds a Diplom-Informatiker degree, the German equivalent of an MSc in Computer Science, from the Universität zu Lübeck, where he graduated in 2011. He has been actively working on open source software since 2005.

Jannis is an experienced software engineer with a passion for blockchains, functional languages, uni-directional dataflows,user experience, well-written code and transparent processes. He is leading the engineering team at GraphProtocol, Inc., developing a decentralized query protocol for blockchains and decentralized file systems.

Jannis worked as a Tech Lead and Senior Software Architect on Linux-embedded and infotainment systems at Codethink Ltd from 2011-2014. He then spent 2 years as an independent Clojure & ClojureScript Consultant where he provided fullstack development services to startups, including Workflo, Inc. He later joined Yaniv and Brandon at Functional Foundry LLC.