Jono Alderson

Digital strategist. Marketing technologist. Full stack developer. Futurologist. Yoast

Acquiring more customers, growing businesses, preparing for the future. That’s what digital marketing & semantic SEO expert Jono Alderson helps others with. Jono will explain how JSON-LD & schema.org help him.

Jono is a digital strategist, marketing technologist and full-stack developer with nearly two decades of experience in web development, SEO, analytics, brand and campaign strategy, lead gen and eCRM, CRO and more. He’s worked with startups, agencies and international brands to fix websites, implement growth strategies, prepare for the future, and win markets. Jono manages special projects at Yoast.

My Sessions

Schema, Google & The Future of the Web

Edges Room

A world of structured data promises us an incredible future. But most websites struggle to even implement basic schema.org markup. Fewer still represent and connect their pages and content in sophisticated, structured graphs. We can’t reach that incredible future without increasing and improving adoption. To move forward, we need to make constructing rich structured data as easy […]

Edges Track

From Semantics and SEO to Knowledge Graphs, and Back Again

Nodes Room

Knowledge graphs are all the rage these days, but for many they are still an exotic notion which is hard to come to terms with. In this panel, experts who have been working with knowledge graphs before it was cool will share their experience. More specifically, we’ll be looking into the interplay between semantics, SEO, […]

Nodes Track