Joshua Shinavier

Research scientist, Uber

Joshua Shinavier is a research scientist at Uber, and a co-founder of what is now Apache TinkerPop, holding a Ph.D. in Web Science from RPI’s Tetherless World Constellation. He contributed to the first common APIs for graph databases, the original TinkerPop query language which influenced Gremlin, and the first tools which aligned the property graph and RDF data models, starting with neo4j-rdf-sail in 2008.

At Uber, he is a member of the knowledge graph team, and leads a company-wide effort to unify data models and schemas across RPC, streaming, and storage. He also happens to be a fanboy of urban air mobility. Joshua has a deep-seated fascination with languages and knowledge representation which goes beyond his professional life. He has been building a detailed personal knowledge graph, as a kind of proxy for his own brain, on a daily basis since 2011.

As much as possible, Joshua tries to stand with one foot in industry, another in open source software, and yet another in academia. He feels that these communities have a lot to learn from each other with respect to graphs and knowledge representation.