Robert Stevens

Professor of Computer Science, University of Manchester

Robert Stevens is a Professor of Computer Science at the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. His primary research area is in knowledge representation, particularly in its application to the biomedical domain.

The basic stance in his approach is that data is only as good as its metadata – we need to know what we’re talking about – and that ontologies are a good way of delivering that meaning to data. The common part of this research has been how people build, use and interact with the complex artefacts that are logic based ontologies.

Within this broad aim, there are threads of research on both the development and use of ontologies from the work he has led, some of which are TAMBIS – transparent Access to Multiple Bioinformatics Information Systems, GONG – Gene Ontology Next Generation, and the Kidney and Urinary Pathway Knowledgebase.

My Sessions

What are we Talking About, When we Talk About Ontology?

Educational Room

In this talk we will go back to basics with ontologies and from that project forwards to their future. I’ll base most of what I talk about on my experience in bio-ontologies, but most experience will be applicable in many domains; most domains are not as special as they think. When it comes down to […]

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