Vassil Momtchev

CTO, Product Owner, Ontotext

Vassil has more than 15 years in software development in various domains like life sciences, pharmaceutical, health care and telecommunication. In the past 10 years he’s mostly engaged with the development of complex enterprise knowledge management solutions that features natural language processing, text analytics, reasoning, semantics, ontology design, linked data, conceptual model design, implementation of formal grammars and graph databases.

During his career he was involved in small startups that developed in bigger organization and also in a large global organization. Since joining Ontotext, Vassil has managed multiple teams, coordinated several EU funded research projects and has a few years as a board member behind his back. In 2017, Vassil too the responsibility of Ontotext’s CTO.

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My Sessions

Semantic similarity for faster Knowledge Graph delivery at scale

Edges Room

Knowledge graphs promise a novel platform for better holistic decision making and analytics. Many projects fail to reach their full potential because of the prohibitively high cost of integrating new knowledge from the required information sources. The talk explains the concept of semantic similarity as a tool for efficient entity clustering and matching based on […]

Edges Track